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Kuća Čaja / Long Jing 50g

Long Jing 50g

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Delicate smell and slightly sweet taste with a hint of chestnut.

  • Country of origin: China

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Long Jing

                                        Dragon well green tea

This is one of the highest quality Chinese teas. It has a delicate aroma and slightly sweet taste with a hint of chestnut.

Making of this tea dates back 1,500 years. Longjing tea is said to have been recorded as early as the Song Dynasty in the world’s first tea book, the Cha-Jing, written by Lu Yu.

Long Jing got its name from the eponymous “Dragon Well” located near the village of Longjing in China. It is said that when it rains and rainwater comes into contact with thicker well water, it begins to float on its surface, sometimes creating “swirls” in the well water. That phenomenon reminds of the movement of the Chinese dragon, on the basis of which the well and thus this green tea got its name.

Long Jing can be recognized by its chestnut flavor, pinnate and pressed leaf shape, and deep jade green color.

Like most other Chinese green teas, the leaves of this tea are “roasted” to stop the natural oxidation process. This has the effect of reducing grassy flavors and bitterness, and improves the aroma of the tea itself.

When the desired temperature is reached, the manufacturer  puts the tea into a large “pan” and the spread leaves are then “fried” and pressed by hand. After a certain amount of water is lost from the leaves, the pressing technique gradually changes.

  • Country of origin: China


3 g (cca. flat tablespoon or a full teaspoon)

70 - 80ºC


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