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Kuća čaja is the first brand that enables the people of Belgrade, and then people all over Serbia, to enjoy the invigorating drink we know as tea. Connoisseurs of this world-favorite drink are offered a diverse selection of pure teas such as black tea, green tea, white tea and oolong tea. We also offer some lesser-known types of herbal mixtures from distant regions such as South America – mate plant (yerba mate), South Africa – rooibos. Also, in the Tea House you can find unusual and delicious fruit mixes, made from quality and diverse ingredients.



2003, Vračar, Mileševska


The teahouse in Mileševska street was the first place of its kind, in which smoking was prohibited, and only tea was consumed. With friendly and educated staff, in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, the visitor could learn more about the entire ritual of preparing and drinking tea, brought from the countries of the East, where it occupies an important place in culture and history, and in some countries, such as Japan, even takes the form of art.


2011, Vračar, Mišarska


Tea house changes the street, but not the neighborhood. It remains tucked away in Vračar, offering the same cozy feeling to its visitors with a warm cup of tea.


2014, Vračar, Golsvordijeva


Finally, we find the House of Tea in the third location. Still in Vračar, in Golsvordijeva street near the famous Kalenić market. You can still find us here today, in the same cheerful spirit and pleasant atmosphere.


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