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Tea is a beverage obtained from the Camellia sinensis plant.


Depending on the area, climate, and altitude at which it grows, the characteristics also differ. Due to different processing methods of the leaves, tea is divided into 4 main groups: white, green, black, and oolong tea.



WHITE TEA consists of the youngest, top leaves, still covered with white or silvery hair. This is precisely why this tea is called white or silver tea. During the production of this tea, the leaves undergo minimal processing.



GREEN TEA consists of leaves that haven’t gone through the oxidation process, or have been minimally oxidized. Which is why they contain a higher amount of tannins, so if they are not prepared properly, they can be extremely bitter. The leaves are green in color. Their origin can be from China, Japan, and less often from India.

PRODUCTIONBLACK TEA consist of leaves that have gone through the oxidation process. The leaves are always dark in color, which is why we call it black tea. It produces a reddish, coppery liquid, which is why it is also called red tea. In addition to classic black tea, there are also blends of black teas, such as English Breakfast.


PRODUCTIONOOLONG TEA is a traditional Chinese tea of ​​the highest quality. It undergoes a semi-oxidation process (somewhere between green and black teas). Leaves have a characteristic crumpled appearance or are rolled into balls. The method of processing and the quality of the leaves allow this tea to be poured (brew) more than once, and each subsequent pouring gives a fuller flavor of the tea.





PRODUCTIONPU ERH is a special category. Although some classify it as black tea, it belongs to dark tea. It goes through a special processing and a complete fermentation process which gives it a specific taste.






In addition to the above-mentioned, basic groups of true tea, there are other hot drinks called tea, and some of them are:



PRODUCTIONHERBAL TEAS such as mint, chamomile, lemon balm, etc.






ROOIBOS, also known as red tea, or red South African bush.








MATE PLANT (Yerba mate), the national drink of many South American countries.





PRODUCTIONFRUIT BLENDS, fruit teas such as cranberry, wild cherry, black currant, etc.


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