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Kuća Čaja / Moonlight mango 50g

Moonlight mango 50g

White tea with mango, peach and calendula petals.

  • Country of origin: China/Germany
  • Country of import: Germany

∗  Read more about the tea and its preparation in the description below  ↓ 

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Moonlight mango

White tea with mango

With its fresh fruity smell and pleasant taste, this aromatic mixture gained a large number of fans in a short time. A gentle touch of white tea , accompanied by a warm tropical kiss of mango and peach, accented by the warm color of marigold petals.

This is a pleasant blend. Both as a warm drink during cold winter months and ice tea for hot summer days . It contains a low level of caffeine and provides a perfect fusion of flavors.

White tea (obtained by processing Camellia sinensis leaves) is one of the more delicate teas due to its minimal processing. It is picked only as a bud, or as a bud and the first two leaves. At the moment, only one pure and one flavored white tea are on our shelves.

Marigold (calendula officinalis) is a plant with a variety of uses throughout history. It is also widely used today. It can help with various inflammations of the body and ease them, because of the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. 

Mango and peach contribute with their fruity aroma and taste, giving this white tea blend a tropical touch.


  • Country of origin: China/Germany
  • Country of import:Germany



2-3 g (cca. flat tablespoon)




In addition to moonlight mango, mango notes can also be found in  desert tea .

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